19 NovWeekly Note: Dancing & Movement

Why is this important to your baby?

Musical Benefits

Babies learn intuitively about phrasing and form through organized dancing to music.  Phrasing, form and meter can all be learned through dancing.  A little one learns about the emotional content of music through moving with the parent.  If the music is fast and joyful or slow and melancholy, the child is cued into those emotions by the way the parent moves hers’ and the baby’s bodies.

Movement & Critical Thinking

Multi directional movement during this period of brain development is extremely important in developing critical thinking skills.   In previous generations, infants were placed in a wrap, (a popular brand now is the Moby wrap) close to the mother’s body almost immediately after birth until walking age.  Any time the mother moved, the baby benefited from that movement – if Mom bent over or turned in a circle then the baby experienced the same movement.

So often today, babies spend a large majority of their time in carriers and experience little or no multi-directional movement.  Movement is the key to brain development.  If the brain is allowed to see the word from a multitude of perspectives, then the brain develops an abundance of perspectives.  This translates to an abundance of solutions for solving problems.  In a carrier, the view as well as movement is very limited.  If the brain is only allowed to see the narrow perspective that is limited to the view of a carrier, then the brain perceives these as the only choices.  On the other hand, if the brain is given 360 degrees of perspective, it learns to see there are unlimited choices, i.e., unlimited solutions.  Movement provides babies’ the opportunity to see the world in a variety of perspectives.

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”  George Carlin

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