19 NovWeekly Note: How Singing Helps with Transitions

One thing I am certain of is that music helps children handle transitions more easily.  The way I say it is. . . Music invites rather than demands.  Children just respond to singing more favorably than the spoken word. Why does music seem to be so helpful in transitioning?  Probably because children generally drawn to and enjoy music.

Music & Preparation Can Help

Transitioning from one activity to another is challenging for young children.  Music and preparation can help.  Prepare the child for the fact that an activity is going to be coming to an end.  Whether it is the Village age group (babies) or the Our Time age group (1 ½ to 3 years), the “Shakers Away” (bells away, scarves away – etc.!) song is a perfect example of a song that helps to prepare children for transition.  Because of the repeated exposure to the song, even children who are preverbal, know that a transition is coming.  The song invites the children to put away the prop they are currently using and get ready for a new activity.

A Valuable Lesson for Classroom Situations

Of all the things a child will learn in Kindermusik, the ability to transition is possibly the most important tool for future public school success.

For ideas of how to use music to help your child with transition, click HERE.

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