19 NovWeekly Note: Play!

Play is a child’s work.  You’ve probably heard this said too.

Funny Story

I can remember back several year ago a family I had in class at the time.  When they first came to Kindermusik classes, they had one child – Dad brought the little boy.  Then they had a second child – Dad brought both children to their respective classes.  Finally, they had a third child and Dad brought all three children to their classes.  I very rarely saw Mom, but one time I did see her, she commented that she had her husband bring their children so he would learn to play with them.  “He will learn to play with our children here.”  She was a stay at home Mom and spent much of the day playing with her three children.  She obviously felt that Dad needed to be exposed to play!  In all seriousness though, she did understand much of what Kindermusik is about.  Sure, there are tons of developmental reasons to have your child attend an early childhood music program, but, play is at the top of the list.

Great Website

This is a great article on play, so I am going to stop here and let you go to the article and read about the importance of play.  The great thing about this article, is that it not only tells you about how play benefits your child, it tells you how play benefits you, the parent.

Click HERE to go to the article.

 The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct.”  Carl Jung

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