19 NovWeekly Note: Singing, Language & Reading

Music, Your Child’s First Language Lesson

There is so much emphasis put on the visual part of learning to read that little attention is paid to the fact that children also need to have the ability to hear all the sounds language makes first.  This is where singing helps.  Singing slows down language so that child is able to hear each sound in a word.  Think of it as a beginning phonics exercise.

This website has a lot of information regarding the importance of singing with baby from the start.  There’s additional information if you click on the link at the end of the third paragraph in the article –  “. . . prevent language problems later in life.”

Click HERE to go read more.

Music & Language Acquisition

This website is filled with information not only on the language benefits of singing to your baby or young child but, additional benefits as well.  This is a fantastic website that is easy to read through in a few minutes – great information.

Click HERE to go to this website.

Singing & Reading

Although there are many websites that discuss how singing and music benefit reading ability, this website is very good.  It is a scholastic website and also puts emphasis on the importance of developing sound awareness skills as a precursor to actual reading.

To read more, click HERE.


To quote Ella Fitzgerald . . . “The only thing better than singing is more singing!”

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