19 NovWeekly Note: Singing

Okay, this is what I do, right? 

I very much believe in the importance of singing to and with babies and young children.  But, I was not prepared for the overwhelming evidence regarding its importance.  Due to the overwhelming amount of material on the subject, I am going to do a series on the importance of singing and address one or more of the benefits each week.  Some weeks will be more specific to babies; some will be more specific to toddlers and young children.

(Some of the) Benefits of Singing with Your Child

A list of the benefits of singing to and with babies and young children includes:  language, vocabulary and literacy skills, bonding, strengthens the immune system, increase in memory, increase in coordination, increase in imagination and creativity, emotional well-being, increase in self esteem – and this is not all!

You Gotta Sing!

One very important piece of information is that the singing referred to here is “live” singing.  The singing must be taking place between the parent and the child – not between the child and a recording.

I say this because I see that as a society, we are becoming more and more, consumers of music rather than participators in and of music.  Music in general is a “contact sport,” not “spectator sport.”  By being participators in and of music, we derive the benefits.

Website #1

This week, I am starting off the singing series with three websites that give a great deal of general information.  If you don’t read any of the other websites I am providing here, please read this one.  Sally Goddard Blythe is a very well respected early childhood spokesperson.  One sentence from this particular website reads:  “Singing traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes to babies and infants before they learn to speak, is ‘an essential precursor to later educational success and emotional wellbeing’ . . . ” Click HERE to visit this website and read more!

Website #2

The second article is from the National Association and Education of Young Children (NAEYC) website.  This is a professional organization for educators of young children (birth to 8 years).  This article is addressed to educators of young children, but as your child’s parent, you are his/her first and best teacher!  To read more click HERE.

Website #3

Last, there is a lot of “how to” included in a Kindermusik class, but if you would like more information on how to sing with your child, visit this website from Scholastic.  Click HERE to visit this website.

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