04 DecA Little Music Training in Childhood Goes a Long Way

From The Daily Stat:

Learning about rhythm, pitch, and melody for 20 days increased preschoolers’ verbal-intelligence scores by an average of about 20%, with more than 90% of the children showing improvement, according to a study led by Sylvain Moreno of the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto. Music and language appear to be closely linked in the brain: The processing of music may overlap with mechanisms for handling other cognitive activities, the researchers say. A comparable training program in visual art yielded no improvement in verbal intelligence.

Source: Short-Term Music Training Enhances Verbal Intelligence and Executive Function

17 AugWatch the KinderCenter video online!

Did you miss seeing our Back to School segment on Channel 38? You can now watch it online!

To learn more about the KinderCenter and the Kindermusik program, visit MyWabashValley.com.

You can also click the picture below to view the video:

09 AugKinderCenter to appear on Channel 38 & MyWabashValley.com!

Channel 2 was at the KinderCenter this week to film a segment for a back to school special that will air on the ABC affiliate, Channel 38. 

The dates and times the segment will air are:

  • Friday, August 10 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Saturday, August 11 at 11:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, August 12 at 10:30 a.m.

All three of these shows will air on Channel 38 (ABC).  The segment will also be online on the Channel 2 website.

One of the many pleasures of doing the work that I do is working with great parents.  I so appreciate each and every one of you giving up your time to help me out this week.  I was truly touched by the turn out.  Many thanks to the Kindermusik parents and children who were able to assemble at last minute so there would be a class to film!

07 JulKinderCenter in the Tribune Star!

KinderCenter was the winner of a full page ad in the Tribune Star!

The ad will run tomorrow, Sunday, July 8.  Many of your children will be pictured in the ad!

05 JanMusic & Learning: A Duet

I hope you will take the time to read through this.  It is an excellent summary of the many attributes of music as they apply to children (and adults too).  I would love to quote the source for this, but have lost that information.

There is something special about music that makes learning about the world around us easier.

Music provides:

– Repetition that reinforces learning.
– A rhythmic beat that helps coordination.
– Patterns that help in anticipating what comes next.
– Melodies that capture our attention and hearts in enjoyment.
– Words that are the building blocks of language and literacy.

Music supports many developing skills.

It can:

– Build relationships, communicate feelings, and provide comfort.
– Help older toddlers share, make friends, and feel comfortable in a group setting.
– Foster language development through stories, rhyming, and rhythm.
– Develop individuality by allowing children to discover their own sounds and unique styles of music.
– Launch creativity by allowing children to fill in missing words, discover new sounds, or make up songs.
– Develop fine and large muscles through finger plays, dancing, or playing instruments.
– Build coordination by letting children follow a beat and sue their minds, voices, and bodies together.