Generally, a child should be at the minimum age when enrolling in a class, as Kindermusik curriculum is age-appropriate.

Below are some guidelines to help you in transitioning between one class level and the next. Please keep in mind that children will demonstrate many, but NOT all of these abilities before moving on to the next class level. Also, our teachers are experts in child development, and will be glad to help you with your decision.

Moving Up from Our Time to Imagine That!


  1. Has a taller, thinner, adult-like appearance
  2. Balances on one foot; jumps in place without falling


  1. Demonstrates basic pre-school knowledge: counting, shapes, colors
  2. Developing divergent thinking skills (”What animals do you like?”)
  3. Beginning transition from concrete to abstract thinking (humor aids this process)
  4. Sits and listens to stories for up to 10 minutes


  1. Recognizes needs of another person; can be empathetic
  2. Usually separates from parent without crying
  3. Development of humor


  1. Beginning to master rules of language; asks questions
  2. Can make up or retell stories
  3. Can comment on what they have heard (after listening to a story or musical selection)


  1. Enjoys interacting as part of a group
  2. Can accept “she is playing with the drum and you have the bells today”
  3. Participates in singing; follows a model for movement of instrument play


  1. Recites rhymes
  2. Sings simple, whole songs