Licensed Kindermusik EducatorRhonda Mitchell is an early childhood music specialist. She holds a Master of Education degree with an early childhood emphasis from Indiana State University, a Bachelor of Music Education degree from University of Louisville and has completed 30 hours towards a Master of Music degree at Indiana State University.

Rhonda received her Kindermusik® certification in 1998 and became an independent certified instructor of BabySigns® in 2006. From 1998 to 2001, she taught for and was coordinator of Kindermusik® of ISU on the Indiana State University campus. She has studied creative dance with Anne Green Gilbert in Seattle, Washington and holds a Level 1 Orff Certification (a music training program for young children) from East Texas State University. From 1992 through 1999, Rhonda maintained a private piano teaching studio and taught class piano at Indiana State University as adjunct faculty. Previously, she taught elementary music in Fort Worth, Texas.

Philosophy of Kindermusik:

All children are born with a certain potential for learning music. This potential can be cultivated most fully when children are exposed to music making at a very early age. Children are most receptive to learning music from birth to seven years of age, with the most critical learning period from birth to age four. Music is learned in much the same manner as language: first it is heard, second it is spoken/sung, third it is read and last it is written. Since children respond naturally to music and learn best through movement, the combination of music and movement is a natural one. Activities in the classroom are chosen to enhance the overall development of the child. Research has shown that early music experiences can pave neural pathways (actually priming the brain for learning!) for language acquisition, problem solving, planning and recall, and spatial reasoning. Development of steady beat is directly linked to reading ability and the ability to follow directions. Parents and children share fun, quality time in classes which provide a model for music making at home, where a child learns best.