Mylissa Kimmel (Mom to Caroline):

As wild as Caroline seems at times, she has learned so much from your classes.  It’s interesting that at the time, they may not seem to listen or pay  attention but after time, I have seen that they do.  Caroline always requests “Zoo Music” from the Zoo Train classes when we ride in the car. And at random, she will break out into a version of “hot cross buns” 🙂 I look forward to Wyatt having this experience as well.  So I wanted to say Thank You for all you do for all our children. You provide a very warm, rich, welcoming and fun atmosphere for them and the parents to learn!

Amy (Mom to Rosemary & Sam):

Kindermusik has been one of the best things I had done with my children.  You have a wonderful program, we love you and will continue to spread the word!

Tammy Emmert:

You know…..everything we need to know we learned at Kindermusik. 🙂

Lori Langley:

I love Trevor’s enthusiasm for your class.  He looks forward to each week with such joy and interest!

Kristy McCullough:

Kaleb truly loves music and your classes are a blessing.

Angela Tapy:

If you only knew about Ella . . . she learns so much at class and talks about it a LOT!  You can just see how much she is learning.  It’s great . . . we just love it!

JoLee Reichert (Mom to Janel & Jacob):

This class goes far beyond music!

Michelle, mom to Jace:

Our son loves Kindermusik with Rhonda more than we ever imagined! We’re so thankful for the experience!

Susan, Mother of Evan:

I recommend your classes highly. My toddler was 21 months old when he attended his first class, a summer session. He was not attentive at all, and I was frustrated that he was not getting anything out of the class. I was reassured he would improve, and was encouraged to continue the classes, so I enrolled him in the fall class. I am so glad I continued his classes! He was a different boy, so attentive and interested in every activity this time. He had needed that first experience to adjust to the new environment. With the completion of the fall class, it is evident his creativity and attention span have grown tremendously. He now puts his books and toys away gladly when asked, and he has a great love of music and dancing. Thank you for providing these classes, as they are extremely enriching to children.

Alyce, grandmother to Peyton and Madison:

My granddaughters said that their favorite activity for the past two summers was Kindermusik camp! They loved On the Road and Around the World and are doing Tell Me a Tale this summer.

Sandy Mutchler:

I like the fact that while having fun and singing and playing instruments, my children are gaining important skills – musical and otherwise. My four children have continued to have an interest in music and I credit their experience in Kindermusik to the ease with which they have moved into playing an instrument. Kindermusik has been a great introduction to what I hope will be a lifelong love of listening to and playing music.

Suzette Hartwell:

Cali has such a love for music, we can never thank you enough for that.

Johnna Carre:

Musical children that can move freely, play and sing are happy children. Kindermusik classes reinforce practice, accountability and discipline.

Carrie Evans:

Music has played such an important part in my life, so I wanted to give my children the gift of music. I have seen their musical ability grow so much since we started classes. My oldest is always asking me to sing with her.

Joni Prescott:

I believe you can never introduce a child to music and reading too soon. Also, it is just great to hear little kids sing songs to you – it can really pick up your spirits!

Jo Lee Reichert:

I love how Kindermusik incorporates so many learning techniques into one class. Not only do children gain wonderful music knowledge, they learn to listen and follow instructions and are given the freedom to imagine and create independently. How exciting to see a child gain so much knowledge and have fun doing it!

Karen Ennis:

As an early childhood educator, I wanted my three children to have the best possible foundation for music education. I cannot imagine any other music program would better prepare a child for a life of learning – not only music, but also enhance their learning of language, math and social skills. I have been thrilled with the quality of this program and the education my children have received through Rhonda’s teaching.

Mylissa (Mom to Caroline):

We both enjoyed the classes so much.  Thanks for all you do to create such a thriving and fun environment for the kids to learn and grown in.

Sara Deal:

Xander has just started attending the baby’s class.  It has been an amazing experience.  Xander never clapped on his legs until we went to class.  When he hears his favorite song (Epo I Tai Tai), he claps and stops when the song is over just like we do in class!  This makes me realize how much he enjoys class and that’s why we will be back!